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 At the Confederations Cup, in South Africa, the USA once and for all proved to the world that is capable of not only competing against any other team, but that they can beat any soccer powerhouse at any moment; altough they  fell short against Brazil, the eventual champion of the tournament,they proved a point! The USA is not looking for respect. They are looking for wins and soccer titles at the World Cup in 2010. All teams be aware! The USA is a dangerous team. Do not blink when playing them.                                                                                  



#1-Practice dribbling the ball using the inside and outside of the foot. This is best practiced when moving the ball thru a row of plastic cones. As the player moves thru them, the ball is driven with the outside of the foot when moving to the outside of the cones and switches to the inside of the foot when driving inside toward the cones.This practice relates very well to what happens in an actual soccer game. You will need the skill to move toward the inside or outside of you opponent. This form of dribbling is a critical skill if a youth player desires to excel at the craft of soccer.

The pictures below will give you a good idea of the final result of many years of dribbling training.You can see Ronaldo dribbling the soccer ball in a great form using the outside of his foot.Michael Owen another dribbling master moving forward in a great form using his instep.Ryan Giggs,an absolute dribbling artist and my personal favorite.

       Ryan Giggs, Dribbling Master                Michael Owen, Ball Genius


                              Ronaldo, The best player in Soccer History


  #2-Practice dribbling the ball with the instep of your foot (shoe laces). When practicing this type of ball driving it is best not to use plastic cones. Instead, just keep moving the ball in front of you using the instep part of your foot. Also, keep in mind that the main idea is to keep that soccer ball under your control. The player is the boss of the ball and not the other way around.

#3-The bottom of your foot is a key part for the purpose of not only moving the ball, but for changing direction of movement when confronted by opponents.This skill is best practiced by: stepping on the ball with the bottom of your foot, moving it back and forth, side to side, ect... I will post pictures of these dribbling skills later,and remember, learning proper dribbling technique is key for success as a soccer player. This skill needs to be mastered very early. Practice Practice Practice...! 

                        Bottom of the Foot Dribbing Images





When shooting a soccer ball the main goal is to beat the opposing goalkeeper.  If the goalie is really good at his job, then you, as a striker, need to create an arsenal of different shoots in order to counter his skills.

In general there are three main forms of shooting the soccer ball: With the inside of the foot, the outside, the instep (shoelaces). Those forms can be mastered to a high level with the proper technique, training, and a great number of hours spent working at shooting drills. Make sure you follow proper technique when striking the ball and don’t worry too much about generating power and speed; those elements will come later through a great deal of shooting drill repetitions.

#1-Shooting with the outside of the foot.

This type of shot is use to generate spin on the ball that will create a swirling curve to the outside. As the name implies, the outside of the foot is used to impact the ball. The kicking leg should approach the ball in a counterclockwise curve and follow through the same way in order to multiply the spin and the curve as the ball travels toward your enemy! The goalkeeper!

#2-Shooting with the inside of the foot

When shooting with the inside of the foot, the kicking leg needs to be positioned almost forming a letter L or like the shape of a golf club. Make sure you follow through with the kicking motion to accelerate and create more inward spin .After striking the ball its flight will look like an outside curve but it will change real fast in to an inside curve. That’s how you trick a goalie, with deceiving curves and second guessing.

#3-Shooting with the instep (Shoelaces)

The instep shot is great for creating ball velocity and straight up raw power. The kicking leg should approach its target straight forward and of course following through all the way until the ball is in its flight. Make sure you don’t tighten up your foot at the moment of impact; you create more power by keeping it nice and relaxed.

Brazilians are masters at shooting with the outside of the foot, that’s what they call a ‘BANANA SHOT’. The direction of the ball with its outside curve is very similar to a banana shape. Roberto Carlos, a former Brazilian national team member, was an absolute master of the outside curve and he scored a great number of goals this way.

David Beckham is in my opinion the best player in the world to strike the soccer ball with the inside of the foot. When he strikes it an amazing inside curve is created. Goalkeepers detest this type of inside curve and I don’t blame them. Landon Donovan is great at shooting with the instep; he creates raw power and linear movement on the ball. This is how he scores many of his great goals. Practice, practice, practice…


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